Why Would Anyone Inhale Salt and What is a Salt Inhaler?

People that aren’t familiar with what a salt inhaler is, and why it is used for asthma relief, are going to be confused. The most common question I always hear when talking about using a salt inhaler is, “Why in the world would you inhale salt?”. Yuk!. That’s disgusting, and probably not good for you. 

Yes, the thought of inhaling salt is not a pleasant picture at all, so let me start by explaining what happens when you use a salt inhaler to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms. 

Every salt inhaler has a filter on it, so when you place your mouth on the moutpiece and begin to inhale from the salt inhaler, you are only inhaling vapor from the salt, not chunks of salt, like some people would imagine. 

Once the salt vapor enters your lungs, that’s when the healing begins. Salt attracts moisture. The moisture that clings to the salt vapor will start to soften and loosen up phlegm, mucus, and toxins deep within your lungs. If you’re an ex-smoker or current smoker, the salt inhaler can really help with this. Over time, tar and toxins that are built up in the lungs can be coughed up out of your lungs for good. You’ll need to use the salt inhaler often to really notice its amazing effects on your health.

Prescription Inhalers and Natural Salt Inhalers

Asthma is caused by inflammation in the airways

Salt naturally acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

When inflammation occurs in the respiratory system, the airways begin to narrow, making it hard to breathe. This is when the wheezing begins. Most people use anti-inflammatory medications, such as prescribed inhalers to reduce the inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medications are great for reducing the inflammtion in your lungs. However, the long term use of any medications can have negative side effects. 

Salt inhalers work the same way. The anti-inflammatory properties of the salt vapor will reduce the inflammation in your lungs, causing you to breathe easier. The salt contained in salt inhalers is also 100% pure and non-processed. 

Now this is not to say that once you start using your salt inhaler, you should throw away your prescription medicines. Most people use the salt inhaler in conjunction with their prescription medications, including their prescribed inhalers.

Most people use the salt inhaler in conjunction with their prescribed medications, including prescription inhalers. Overtime, they report not needing to use their prescription inhalers as often. This has cut down on the negative side effects that come with prescription medicines. By no means are salt inhalers meant to replace your prescription rescue inhaler. Himalayas salt inhalers are meant to be used as a natural remedy to decrease symptoms so that you may not need to rely on prescribed medicines as often. 

Please Note

Keep in mind that the Himalayan Salt Inhaler is not a cure-all for allergies or asthma. It is not meant for emergency treatments nor does it make a good replacement for a rescue inhaler. The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is meant to be used as a preventative measure to alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms the natural way. Many people use the Himalaya’s salt puffer in conjunction with their prescription medicines.

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